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Have too many emails and a never-ending to-do list?

Feel like when you wake up you're already behind?

Many of us feel this way every day. It's hard to know how to own your work so it doesn't own you. That's why Self Spark created SparkProductivity, an interactive hackathon designed to help you be mindfully productive and get sh*t done.

This workshop draws from the best of behavioral science and emerging technology to help you “hack” productivity.

We'll teach you 15+ productivity tips (including Inbox 0), mindfulness techniques, and technologies – and show you how to integrate them into your daily life.


Most productivity workshops take you away from your work, emails start piling-up and stress builds. At SparkProductivity, you will tackle your work during the workshop. We'll help you get it done faster AND give you 1-on-1 coaching to accelerate your effectiveness. 


The best part? You'll learn how to internalize these productivity methods into your daily routine. Join us to enhance focus, fight procrastination, and reduce stress from your life.